BLENDER BOYZ was created out of need…we needed our coffee fix, we needed our margarita fix, we needed our smoothie fix. And we needed it fast! And we didn’t want to go out and get it every time. But we wanted it to taste like we did! And if we could save some money-bonus. There were options out there but nothing with the right “Blend.”

So, in true entrepreneurial spirit-we come from a long line of entrepreneurs – if you don’t see it: make it! We’ve created single serve, no muss no fuss, affordable blender drinks that taste amazing. It’s like a k-cup in a blender.You pour in 1 Blender Boyz pouch, you add ice, you blend. And, did we mention it tastes great EVERY TIME! Real Fruit Smoothies, Iced Cappuccinos with real coffee and Cocktail Mixes with real ingredients…We’ve even got them in 9 popular flavors. Best of all, they’re in the cupboard, ready when you are.! So, whether you’re a mom on the go (and what mom isn’t?), a mover or a shaker, a home entertainment phenom, an entrepreneur with big dreams – or all five…we just need to know:


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