Yes, your daughter can make you a smoothie while you check your emails. Your daughter can blend up an Ice Capp for your ride to work. It’s that easy and that fast.

  1. pour in a BB pouch
  2. add ice
  3. BLEND

And YOU just rinse out the blender and put it on the rack to dry. Oh no, they still aren’t going to do “the dishes”…

AND it’s SHELF STABLE – that means no refrigerating, so it’s READY WHEN YOU ARE!



You don’t have to cut a bunch of melons and bananas or top off strawberries or wash and sort blueberries EVERY morning. Hit that snooze and let us do the heavy lifting a couple times a week. Just open a BB smoothie pouch of real fruit, add ice and BLEND.


Like your coffees a little French Vanillaee or crave a little caramel, you don’t have to buy special cream or melt down caramels, we’ve done it for you! Just open your favorite flavor pouch, add ice and BLEND.119762814


Your BFF likes margaritas, your BOYFRIEND likes daiquiris and your FACEBOOK FRIEND likes Pina
Coladas (and #gettingcaughtintherain?)

A blender, ice and 4 pouches (you’re also gonna need a drink to put up with this crowd!)



$6 a day at the drive thru adds up…so, a couple days a week, put your wallet away.

In less time than it takes to wait in line or figure out what size medium is??? you can make an ice capp or a smoothie for a quarter of the price and you’re already on your way.

And a couple times a week, skip the bar scene and head home to your own margarita. You can take your shoes off, loosen your belt and no one complains (like at the bar last week!), watch YOUR favourite show and share a sip with YOUR peeps or (your dog)…for a quarter of the price.

And then you can put that savings towards important stuff, like: shoes or cool apps!