iced coffee It is no big secret that here in Canada and throughout many parts of the U.S., it gets cold in the winter. In fact, it gets really cold, and it stays really cold for a really long time! That means that by the time March rolls around, some of us are getting a little tired of the snow and cold and need a little help in order to clear some of those winter doldrums away. Here at Blender Boyz, we have the perfect solution for what your March needs: iced coffee. Here are three reasons why your month of March should also mean a month of delicious iced coffee drinks:

  1. Resuscitate those Resolutions. It’s been proven time and time again that many of our New Year’s resolutions are all but forgotten by Valentine’s Day– why not start them back up? In the month of March, many common New Year’s resolutions are perfect for this time of year. For example, many people have weight loss as part of their resolutions. While you might have had a difficult time finding an open machine at the gym during January and grew discouraged, during March, you’re likely to have your pick. Iced coffee can get you there and give you the energy you need to revitalize your workouts.
  2. Re-energize your day-to-day. It’s easy to get into a boring rut. If you’re eating the same old breakfast or lunch, try adding one of our easy iced coffee mixes to your morning or afternoon for a yummy and refreshing change to your routine!
  3. Spring Cleaning, anyone? Nearly everyone can appreciate a clean and organized room, but actually completing the task can seem daunting. Get those tasks done quickly with an iced coffee beforehand to help give you some zing, or save it for a delicious treat after a job well done!

This March, be sure to stock up on Blender Boyz iced coffees for an easy, delicious, and convenient way to shake up your winter blues!