Piña coladas are delightfulFor such a short month, February really packs an emotional punch. There’s the cold weather when people are 1000% done with cold weather. There’s the holiday that either pressures you into finding love or reminds you of your single lifestyle in a glaring fashion. If you are looking to speed up February this year, there’s nothing wrong with creating a few fun reasons for yourself! We have come up with some delightfully ridiculous reasons why piña coladas need to start becoming your new February tradition.

  1. To toast leap year babies. February is an odd month. It’s a month that every four years gives us an extra day. People with the strange luck of being born on February 29 only get to have a genuine birthday every four years. Piña coladas are delightful and not seen often enough . . . just like a leap year birthday!
  2. To pretend it’s warmer than it really is. While February is frigid, there’s no reason you can’t warm it up with a tropical-themed party! Wear flowery shirts and skirts, blast the heat, and serve some yummy food and drinks, complete with piña coladas, of course.
  3. As an odd choice of opening lines to meet someone special. With February comes Valentine’s Day, which can be awfully lonely for singles. If you’re trying to meet someone special on Valentine’s Day, why not ask them if they like piña coladas . . . and getting caught in the rain?

If you would like to make your own piña coladas, during February or any other time of year you deem appropriate, grab some of our delightful drink mixes from Blender Boyz. You can booze them up or keep them mock-tails, whichever you prefer!