Piña Colada Mix

Summer time is a great time to be outside and cool off from the blistering heat with a refreshing drink. Whether you’re an iced tea kind of gal or an iced coffee kind of fella, there is a drink out there that suits everyone’s tastes. Piña coladas practically scream summer tropics, so what are you to do when you have piña colada mix, but not the sweltering heat of summer? We actually have a few ideas that will help you make a fun drink for your little ghosts and ghouls this Halloween!

First, there’s nothing wrong with ice cream, no matter what time of year it is! Using a piña colada mix and some sweetened condensed milk or heavy whipping cream is a great way to get a creamy, dreamy, little to no-churn ice cream that can easily be added to a cup of simmering cocoa for a fun and delicious way to end any fall activity.

Second, use the white coloring of the drink to your advantage and make virgin piña coladas for your kiddos as part of a Halloween-themed dinner! You can easily fill a clear cup with piña coladas and call them “ghost slushies.” Additionally, if you wanted to dye your drink, you could easily do that as well with some food coloring. Red for blood, green for slime . . . really the options for grotesque-looking drinks are endless and will all be enjoyable for your children.

Finally, once you’re done concocting fun recipes for your children, don’t forget to make yourself a little something, too! Crank up the heat and pretend you’re in a tropical paradise with the help of your own non-virgin piña colada mix from Blender Boyz!