SmoothieValentine’s Day is a day to express your love for another person. Or it’s a day that has been monopolized by greeting card companies in order to make single people feel completely singled out (pun intended!) for one day every February. Really, the jury is still out on why we continue to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, but one thing is certain: a deliciously wonderful way to tell the ones you love that you care for them is with a smoothie.

There are all kinds of ways to express your love, but we have 4 (and many more, but not the time) to explain why you should express yourself with a smoothie.

  1. Chocolates and flowers are sooo cliché. Do you want to tell your loved one that you love them or rather that you have no clue what they like and no thoughts of your own? Show them that you are a creative genius by getting them a tasty Blender Boyz smoothie mix that they can make for a delicious breakfast, or better yet, bring it to them in bed for a fun surprise!
  2. They go with any décor. Many of our smoothies are naturally pink or red, classic Valentine’s colors. Even if they aren’t, the simple addition of some red berries can make them instantly festive.
  3. They’re fast and easy. After agonizing over exactly which card to buy and what to say, we know your mental stamina may be shot.  Easy smoothies and a relaxing night in with virtually no clean-up are a great way to show your appreciation for your loved one.
  4. They’re great for all ages! Even if you don’t have a significant other to share romantic walks with, a smoothie can show appreciation for children, neighbours, or your grandma.

This Valentine’s Day, give everyone a little love with a delicious Blender Boyz smoothie mix!