iced coffee from Blender BoyzCoffee is so good. Everybody likes it. If you don’t believe it, drive by one of the millions of Starbucks around the world and watch the line of lemmings queuing up to get a cup of joe. Sometimes, though, the thought of drinking hot coffee is just 100% unappealing, though the craving is still engraved deep into the synapses of your soul. One sure fire way to squelch that craving is iced coffee.

Iced coffee is the perfect solution if it’s hot outside, if you feel like gulping instead of sipping, or you just want to bust out of your normal routine. One of the simplest ways to make iced coffee it to get a cup of coffee and pour it over some ice. Ta-da! Iced coffee. However, if you’ve ever tried this way, you know the problems it presents. The ice melts, the coffee dilutes, and the lackluster drink barely hits the spot.

Another way to make iced coffee yields better results, but is super time consuming. Consider brewing and seeping the perfect cup of coffee, though make it stronger than your taste buds typically prefer, and let it cool to room temperature. Then put it in the fridge for another 2-3 hours for it to totally chill, take it out, add ice, and enjoy. It tastes better, but when you want iced coffee, waiting three hours is not ideal.

At Blender Boyz, we’ve perfected a way to make iced coffee. Our iced coffee mixes are a great solution. In under a minute, you can have that chilled cup of Joe without the diluted taste or time consuming hassle. Buy a mix today and give it a try- or get in line with lemmings everywhere . . .  the choice is yours!