Piña ColadaHere in Canada, it can sometimes feel like winter is never-ending. That may be because in some places, it truly is, but that is beside the point. The point is that around the Holiday season, the winter isn’t the only thing that seems never-ending! The huge crowds, long lines, and time consuming lists can start to drain your cheer. Throw in a soundtrack of love-it-or-hate-it songs like Christmas Shoes and suddenly you find yourself daydreaming about being alone on a beach somewhere far, far away!

Well, while we might not be able to help you fly to the tropics, we can bring a little taste of the tropics to you this winter with our Piña Colada drink mix. Perfect for the busy season, these handy pre-portioned pouches are ready and waiting for you to tear one open. Add any of your favourite ingredients, and in just a couple minutes, you can imagine yourself in your favourite tropical paradise. Keep in mind that our drink mixes do not come with alcohol, so if you’re planning on drinking your cares away, then you’ll have to add the rum to get you there!

This blustery winter season, don’t bundle up and brave those crazy shopping crowds! Who needs that kind of stress? Instead, we suggest that you throw on a Hawaiian shirt, blend up one of our delicious Piña Colada mixes, and do your shopping online this year. We also suggest that you watch the amount of alcohol that you add to your drink mixes while online shopping, unless sober you thinks getting your mother-in-law a book about strange x-rays really is a good idea, (not that we’re speaking from experience or anything . . .)

Here at Blender Boyz, we wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!