Strawberry DaiquiriThat old saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” implies that there will be lots of rain in April . . . which means that April will be full of the doldrums.  Really, how many rainy days can you handle before it gets old?  There are only so many puddles you can jump in or drive through before the dull, dreary days seem to last forever . . . but the “May flowers” part sounds good, right?  Colourful flowers that brighten up your day sound amazing right now. If you spend too much time thinking about the May flowers, you may become crestfallen the longer it takes for sunny days to appear.  If you are wishing for brighter days, may we suggest strawberry daiquiris to brighten your day?

Our Blender Boyz cocktail mixes are easy to prepare and are so tidy that clean-up is a breeze.  When you are experiencing a case of the rainy day blues, simply pull out a single size serving strawberry daiquiri pouch, grab your blender, ice, and rum, and throw it all together.  Then blend until it’s all mixed well, seize the closest glass, pour your daiquiri, and drink up a flavourful, cheerful cocktail.  If you want to make your rainy day even better, find a good friend to come over and share your strawberry daiquiris!

So if you are thinking, “Rain, rain, go away,” cheer up and grab your strawberry daiquiri mix.  Don’t let the rain put a damper on your day . . .  rather let those April showers bring you strawberry daiquiris and happiness.