SmoothiesHere at Blender Boyz, springtime is something we celebrate because, as you can imagine, we LOVE smoothies. And springtime is the start of the warmer weather for the year, and warm weather equals smoothie season!

Yes, you hear us cheering. We really do love beating the summer heat with our delectable smoothies.

Not that you can ONLY drink our perfect smoothies in the summertime, but just think about your favourite summertime foods and how thirst-quenching and refreshing a nice frozen, fruity beverage is in the dead-heat of a summer afternoon.

How about a nice, chilled smoothie as you cool off by the pool? Or how about an afternoon on your patio lounger while you soak up the sun’s essential vitamin D, beside which your chilled glass rests awaiting your next sip. Or coming inside to hide in the air conditioning after mowing that lawn, and whipping up a smoothie in a minute to help combat the heat. Maybe even using a smoothie as a “recovery” beverage after a long training run in the hot sun – it’s got everything in it you need! We’re getting giddy just thinking about it.

Really, smoothies are the ultimate drinks for summer. Cold, refreshing, and loaded with hydration and nutrition. They’re delicious, and they’re GOOD for you, too!

Try our Blender Boyz smoothies today, so you’re ready with your favourites when the hot weather really does hit. You’ll swear they’re too good to be true!