SmoothiesYou’ve heard us say it time and time again. But we need to say it at LEAST one more time because, frankly, we just can’t get enough of the truth!

Blender Boyz drink mixes are just plain better. A smoothie with the Blender Boyz is not only delicious, (which you’ll be happy to know if you’re unfortunate enough NOT to yet) but they’re also faster, simpler, and easier than any other smoothie you’ll make.

No, really!

Think about it: what do you need to make a perfect smoothie all on your own? Your blender, some ice, and then a bunch of ingredients, right? Maybe some frozen berries, a banana. A splash of orange juice or a dollop of yogurt . . . Whatever your “recipe”, you still need ingredients. And then you need to thoroughly blend all your ingredients to a nice smooth, uniform consistency.

Yeah, with a Blender Boyz smoothie, take out all that ingredients gathering bit; we’ve already done it all for you! Just grab your prepared drink mix pouch and add it to your blender and ice.

Subtracting all that hunting and gathering through your fridge for odds and ends to throw in your blender, well, it’s a time-saver! And sometimes a taste bud saver too…

Blender Boyz smoothies. The simpler way to blend. Give us a try and never go back to your old ways again!