iced cappuccino mixesRecently, Seattle’s Best Coffee, a division of Starbucks Corporation and Inventure Foods, Inc., announced its launch of a new line of frozen coffee blends. While it is not actually the first product of this kind on the market, as the Starbucks press release claims, Blender Boyz, makers of the original blend-at-home frozen coffee drink base, is excited to have another player in the market.

“While we believe that Blender Boyz really was the first single-serve frozen coffee mix available, we almost can’t stand the excitement of having a big-budget coffee giant join the market to help us spread the news about how enjoyable it is to be able to have iced and frozen blended coffees at home,” said Jim Jackson, VP of Sales at Blender Boyz. “The only thing better is being able to make it your own blend. That’s what Blender Boyz is all about. We give you the starting point, but where you go from there is up to you. Blender Boyz is fun and easy to use—your favorite coffee flavor in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.”

Blender Boyz has been selling blend-at-home iced cappuccino mixes since early 2012. They use a blend of real coffee with no artificial colors or flavors. All you need to complete the delicious drink is some ice, a blender, and 60 seconds of your time.

real fruit smoothie mixesIn addition to frozen coffee mixes, Blender Boyz also offers real fruit smoothie mixes, frozen cocktail mixes, and margarita mixes in simple, easy-to-use, single-serve packages, eliminating the need to mix up a large batch and have most of the beverage go to waste when all you need is a drink for yourself and maybe a friend on a Friday night. Drink mix pouches from Blender Boyz will stay fresh and delicious for up to a year without any refrigeration required. Blender Boyz iced coffee or any of their other single-serve drink mixes can be purchased in bulk at and shipped anywhere in the United States or Canada.

“Welcome to the market, Seattle’s Best!” Jackson said. “We’re going to be celebrating your arrival by having one of our own delicious, single-serving, blend-at-home cappuccino mixes!”

And maybe a margarita . . . or a pina colada . . . or . . . well, you get the idea.

Blender Boyz! What’s your blend?