So it’s Canada Day.  Well, not today.  That’s still July 1st, people . . . duh . . . Let’s start again.

Strawberry DaiquiriClose your eyes and imagine this scenario: it’s Canada Day. July 1st.  And you are as proud to be Canadian as a beaver busts his buttons watching his baby beaver nom-nom-nom through a giant log (“welcome to the family business, Bucky!”)

The loons are singing on the lake, the moose are lumbering by, and you have all of this ICE leftover from your latest igloo renovation, adding extra closet space for your flannel.

And the neighbours are coming over for fireworks.

(Here’s where we come in).

Grab the ice, grab your strawberry daiquiri Blender Boyz pouch, grab your blender (our igloos have electricity, don’t yours?), and VOILA! You have a strawberry-daiquiri-fueled Canadian extravaganza!

With perfectly-portioned personal pouches, your blender, and your favourite, uh, “mix-ins” (read: RUM, people! There’s a reason it rhymes with YUM!), making up drinks for yourself and your fellow Canucks is as easy as 1-2-3! And you can even make some for the kidlets, minus the rum, of course.  Don’t give the kids alcohol. That’s bad. Tsk tsk!

The great thing about serving our strawberry daiquiris at your shin-dig? Well, aside from the amazing flavour and no-muss-no-fuss preparation and clean-up, of course! But also, we make ALL our drink mixes with REAL ingredients, so even though it comes in a pouch, you can trust you’re serving the best, all-natural, real-fruit-filled beverages, for even the most discerning of health-nuts.

Strawberry daiquiris. The perfect party drink for your Canada Day.  Enjoy! Your guests sure will!