The beginning of July is just such a fun week here in North America, don’t you think? With Canada Day on the 1st and Independence Day on the 4th, it’s just parties and fireworks all week long!

As it should be; regardless of whether you’re north or south of the 49th, we live in some pretty awesome places!

We’re not going to lie, though; coming up with colour-themed beverage options for a country with two main colours in its flag is a little easier than the red-white-and-blue trio you Yankees opt for! But with our delicious daiquiri, piña colada, and margarita mixes, it’s EASY to turn your beverage buffet into a patriotic work of art!

Red: Strawberry daiquiri.  Easy! Grab your pouch, your booze, your ice, your blender, and voila!  Red is done!

White: Um, have you ever SEEN a piña colada? Pouch, booze, ice, blender . . . white is done, too!

Blue: This is a WEE bit trickier. But JUST a wee bit!  LOOK what you can do with our margarita pouch . .


And THERE is your blue!!  For THIS one you need the margarita pouch, the usual cup of ice, your blender, and you get the colour from the alcohol! So use blue agave tequila (NOT blue, actually, go figure), and blue curaco liqueur (VERY blue) in a 2:1 ratio. Blend it all, and, well, you can see how perfect it is!!

Daiquiris, piña coladas, and blue margaritas.  EASY to do all three quick-as-a-whip and make your 4th of July barbeque the one the whole neighbourhood will be a-buzz about!