quick and easy morning with iced coffee

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning! The fog starts to lift and that nice jolt is something that many of us like to look forward to in the morning. However, when the temperatures are hot outside, that lovely jolt can come with an asterisk of discomfort– because who wants boiling hot coffee when it’s already boiling hot outside? Enter a summer reason for getting up in the morning: iced coffee! (Cue trumpets and confetti!!) If you already have your own at-home coffee bar, there are some ways that you can summer-fy it in order to incorporate iced coffee. Some of these include:

  • Add a small, personalized blender. Many blenders these days are specifically made to make a single-serving smoothie or other slushy drink mix. These blenders, along with single-serve drink pouches, make for a quick and easy morning with iced coffee.
  • Stock the freezer with coffee ice cubes. Instead of throwing out any leftover coffee you might have, freeze it into ice cube trays. This will keep your iced coffee from tasting watered-down if you decide to savour rather than gulp your iced coffee.
  • Learn to love the cold brew. Alone or as part of a drink mix, making cold brew iced coffee is a skill that all coffee connoisseurs need to master in the summer months.
  • Stock your flavour add-ins with a summer profile of tastes. While fall has its pumpkin spice and winter has its peppermint, summer has some fun flavour add-ins as well! Go for something tropical like coconut or vanilla.

To make your iced coffee mornings easy as well as tasty, don’t forget to stock up on our iced coffee drink mixes from Blender Boyz!