Drink MixWhen you think of summertime refreshment, what sorts of things come to mind? We know it’s the season where ice cream parlours are their busiest, the slushy machine runs out of ice, and iced coffee is all the rage.

Well, instead of having to constantly run out of the house to get your favourite cooling beverages this summer, save your pocketbook and get rid of that hassle with a pack of Blender Boyz drink mixes.  Honestly! Our mixes are specially made to be exactly what you want when you add the drink mix to ice in your blender! What could be more refreshing than that? And with real, concentrated ingredients of a Blender Boys smoothie, you’re giving yourself WAY more nutrition than that sugar concoction you’re paying for at the corner store.

Plus, did we mention how incredibly easy it is to actually make a Blender Boyz smoothie?  It takes ONE minute. One minute! That’s less time than it’s going to take you to get out to the store and buy yourself an icy drink, even if you live next door! Just take your favourite drink mix, some ice, push the blend button, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a delicious, nutritious, heat-busting drink without stepping foot outside into that scorching sun.

Cheaper, simpler, easier, faster . . . did we mention cheaper? You’re going to save oodles by NOT feeling the need to run out for a smoothie. A Blender Boyz drink mix will run you, at most, $1.67 per drink.  How much are you spending every time you run out to grab-and-go?  Yeah, that’s what we thought . . .

Make the healthier choice for your body and your wallet.  Try a selection of Blender Boyz smoothies today!