Drink MixWe love Thanksgiving! Up here in Canada, where we do things properly, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, while down in the States, they still have a little ways to go yet (How does that work, anyway? Is it just sort of a stepping-stone to get to Christmastime? Thanksgiving in November? WEIRD!)

One of the coolest things, we think, is blended (see what we did there? HA!) Canadian & American families that get to celebrate Thanksgiving TWICE! Two times the turkey, the stuffing . . . oh, man. That’s some good stuff.

Well, we can help you add some MORE fun to your Thanksgiving weekend, no matter when you observe it! Ever hear of “Thanksgiving Eve?” It’s the night of the weekend JUST for fun!  Grab a drink, grab some friends, and let the fun begin.

We like to think it’s one last little thing to be thankful for while sitting around the table counting your blessings with your loved ones.

So, how do you get started with the Thanksgiving Eve celebrations? Simple– a few good drinks with some good friends!  And it doesn’t get much easier than blending up some delicious cocktails with the Blender Boyz! Try our delicious strawberry daiquiri drink mix and keep the celebration going strong. Or a beautifully blended frozen margarita – with our drink mix, it’s a cinch!

And as the night goes on, you can get creative: maybe a strawberry-banana drink mix with a splash of . . . what sounds good with strawberry-banana? Try it with anything you want!

That’s the beauty of Blender Boyz drink mixes. We make creating delicious drinks as easy as one, two, three, whether you’re celebrating on your own or partying with a bunch of friends.

Try us today and make your first Thanksgiving Eve observance one to remember!