SmoothiesWelcome to the start of a new year! When the parties have ended and the holidays are over, you are ready for a new beginning that promises unusual places to explore, new goals to set, and a new, health-conscious routine sure to lead to a healthier you.  Taking good care of your health is one of the top ways that you can make sure you will be able to explore all the uncharted territory that you want to.

However, if you’ve been accustomed to eating whatever you want, whenever you want and lounging in your chair while you munch away, taking caring of your health will require some immediate changes.  As we all know, change can be difficult, so if you’re worried about staying on track with your goals for healthy eating (and making sure you won’t be caught with that bag of potato chips or contraband candy bar on the couch), you need a rescue mechanism that you can turn to when old habits come calling.  Happily, we can provide that for you in the form of our easy, delicious smoothies.

When you really need a sweet treat, but don’t want the calories, fats, or sugars that come in a cookie, one of our smoothies can provide you with the sweetness minus the fat and added sugar.  If you’re really concerned that your old habits will creep in, you could even create a snack schedule with our smoothies listed at those most difficult times of day or night.

We know that changes are hard—after all, it’s so much easier to snack on your comfort foods while catching your favourite show.  However, the changes that you will be making are worth it. Our smoothies are so easy to blend up, it’s almost a shame.  Simply grab your ice, smoothie mix and blender, blend, and voila! You’ll have a sweet treat in the same time it would have taken to grab that candy bar.  Better yet, you’ll still get your sweets fix and yet have more energy as you sit viewing your favourite show.  When you want to focus on your health goals this year, let our Blender Boyz smoothies make it easy to meet the goal.  We can get you on your way to living your adventuresome life!