Drink MixAre you like we are and have a hard time fitting in all bazillion servings of fruits and vegetables recommended for your daily intake every day?  An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but apparently we’re supposed to be eating like, EIGHT.

Yes, it’s totally doable.  But how crazy an overhaul do you have to do to your current meal plan (plan? There’s supposed to be a plan?) to fit it all in?

Well, a smoothie in the morning, or afternoon, or evening… can be a perfect solution to add an extra serving or two in your menu!  And using a Blender Boyz drink mix, made from real fruit, makes it so ridiculously easy you’re crazy not to try it!  Add one of our single-serving drink mixes to some ice in a blender, and you have a delectable, hydrating, 1.5 servings of fruit ready in a minute. It’s that easy!

Want to change up your smoothie and boost your daily intakes?  Add our perfected drink mix to various fresh fruits before blending! Try our strawberry banana drink mix with an orange or two added in. Or toss a banana in with our Berry Blend.  Mixing for two? Try meshing two different flavour pouches together in one blended beverage to split.

With the Blender Boyz drink mix pouches, adding an extra serving of fruit into your diet is as easy as 1, 2, 3; ice, pouch, and blend!  You’ll make the perfect smoothie every time.  It’s foolproof and delicious. Maybe you’ll even find that your smoothie-a-day is what keeps the doctor away!  (Yeah, that was bad, but we couldn’t resist!)

Give the Blender Boyz a try, and see what all the chatter is about, the no-nonsense smoothie that will make your life just that little bit easier.  And healthier, too!