Entice Your Friends to Join You for Fireworks, Bonfires, or BBQs with Cocktail Mixes

When you have to go to work during the summer, you may feel that you are required to waste the best days of the year.  Fortunately for you, we’re here to offer you a way to still enjoy the best days of summer, regardless of whether or not you are required to work.  Think of it this way– when the work time is through, we help you know how to maximize your play time.

Summer time is filled with holidays, which means you have lots of opportunities to view fireworks, build bonfires, or hold BBQs in your own backyard.  Since you’re probably going to be engaging in all of these activities anyway, why not invite friends and make it a social event?  If you want to make it a fun social event, you can even add refreshments, such as cocktails, making it the hit party of the season.  Of course, offering cocktails will require some preparation on your part, but we are pleased to inform you that we have cocktail mixes that will make your part of concocting cocktails easy, which means you can invite your friends over whenever you want to, without fear of being stuck preparing instead of celebrating yourself.  Our cocktail mixes are non-alcoholic, which means you can prepare mocktails or add whichever ingredients you want to turn them into true cocktails.

At Blender Boyz, we believe that every day of the summer can be a celebration.  That’s why we’ve created our cocktail mixes, so you can come home after that long, hard day (or week) of work, slip into something more comfortable, invite your friends over, and get that party started.  In addition to cocktail mixes, we offer real fruit smoothies and iced cappuccinos.  Let us help you to truly relax and enjoy this summer with your friends.