Cocktail MixesWith so many people being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in recent years, the gluten-free diet has been well-researched from every angle of the nutritional spectrum, including dieticians, bariatric physicians and weight loss specialists.

If you are gluten-intolerant, a gluten-free diet offers a range of health benefits, such as increased energy levels, enhanced digestive health and improved cholesterol levels.

When embarking on a gluten-free diet, you actually eliminate a variety of foods and drinks from your diet that are unhealthy. Desserts high in fat and sugar would be off limits, and fried foods would be completely removed because of the breading. Some drinks would also have to go, while certain cocktail mixes, for example, would be fine.

Most foods allowed on a gluten-free diet promote healthy weight loss, particularly if your diet is well-balanced and contains essential fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Also, most gluten-free foods, drinks and cocktail mixes are good for you. However, when it comes to food and weight loss, keep portion size in mind, and choose gluten-free starches such as sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Be cautious when reading labels! There is a lot of confusion in the gluten-free world at the moment because some packages claim the products are gluten-free when, in fact, they aren’t. So, when buying anything from foods to cocktail mixes, it’s imperative to deal with a reputable company.

Finally, beware of replacements when paying attention to labels. There will always be replacements for foods that contain gluten with ‘unhealthy’ gluten-free varieties. Just make sure you know the facts.

With Blender Boyz, you never have to worry about it—all of our drink mixes and cocktail mixes are gluten-free!