Drink MixWhen we’re in the kitchen, we like things to be simple. Simple, but with delicious results, of course!  The trick is to get simplicity that also allows for nutrition – sure, a frozen pizza or Kraft instant dinner is easy, but what is actually in what you’re eating?  We don’t really know, either.

That’s why here at Blender Boyz, when it comes to mixing drinks, we use concentrated REAL ingredients in our products. You can rest assured with any Blender Boyz drink mix that you’re getting real fruit or coffee, and not some nasty processed nutrition-depleted junk food.

Our real fruit blends make it almost as easy as grabbing an apple to get those extra servings of fruit in your diet, while keeping you hydrated and tasting fantastic. Honestly, in the time it takes to grab that apple and wash it, you could have mixed yourself a frozen treat – grab a drink mix, some ice, blend, and voila! Snack time in a heartbeat!

What else could you want in a single-serve drink mix? If we think of it, you can bet we’ll add it, but so far we’ve given you simplicity, taste, and real-ingredient nutrition in under a minute, with virtually no clean-up.  Not to brag, but we think we’ve done a pretty bang-up job! A Blender Boyz drink mix is everything you’d want from a little pouch.

If you haven’t tried us yet, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some of our signature flavours and have some fun. Yes, with Blender Boyz, adding nutrition to your diet IS fun. So enjoy yourself this summer, and have a blend with Blender Boyz.