Strawberry DaiquiriDo you love to have fun with the “goofier” holidays like we do? Halloween is always a favourite of ours. We like to dress up uncoupled costumes and sneak around the neighbourhood doing . . . wait, too much information, not enough relevance . . .

Parties! We love Halloween parties! The costumes and the decor, and the crazy foodstuffs people come up with to try to gross us out. If you love Halloween parties, but can’t figure how to freak out your guests with their drinks, we’ve got it!

With our super-fast blender drink mixes, you can whip up strawberry daiquiris for everyone. Now just yell and scream as though in pain while the blender is going and serve up your blood-red cocktails with fake fingers.

Strawberry daiquiris are some of the best party drinks, in our opinion, and the great colour makes them the perfect addition of gross to your guests’ experience.

If serving with severed limbs isn’t your style, maybe label the kitchen as the lobotomy laboratory and serve up brain stew with bones to stir. Basically, blood. We’re going for blood, here.

Have fun, use your imagination, and serve the yummiest disgusting drinks you can take literally a minute to make for your guests. They’ll love it and you’ll love how easy it is.

WARNING: Do NOT put your real fingers in the blender, nor serve actual severed body parts. And, don’t tell anyone, but isn’t brain tissue . . . NOT red? Does anyone know?

Send us your great ideas for using your favourite drink mixes like our delicious strawberry daiquiris so we can share them with the rest if our fans! And have fun. We always do!