Smoothie RecipesWhen you think of nutritious foods, do you think of frozen or fresh produce?  Generally, because it comes in packages and is often found alongside the ice cream, we tend to categorize frozen fruits and vegetables in our minds with the less-healthy choices for our foods, and we stick to the fresh produce section of the grocery store.

But did you know that “fresh” produce in the store may actually be LESS healthy in some cases?

Freezing fruits and vegetables is almost like when people are frozen in science fiction – everything is maintained and preserved perfectly until thawed, and then things carry on like no time has passed!  Oftentimes, the produce you’re buying in the frozen food section was frozen so soon after being picked, it’s actually got MORE freshness and nutrition locked in than the unfrozen produce available in the same store! Think about it – where did that package of strawberries come from? When were the berries picked, how long until they were packaged, and how long until that package travelled from BEING packaged to being on the grocery shelf? By the time you get some of your fresh fruits and vegetables home for your smoothie recipes, they can actually be weeks old!

So when you’re mixing up your favourite Blender Boyz smoothie recipes, you don’t always have to feel stuck with using only fresh fruits to change up your flavours. Especially with summertime just around the corner – use frozen fruits instead of ice cubes to add different flavours, change up your smoothie recipes, and keep the chill factor at its highest!

You can’t go wrong with the Blender Boyz either way.  Happy mixing!