Drink MixWhen thinking about nutritious foods for a smoothie drink mix, do you think of fresh or frozen produce? Because frozen stuff comes in packages and is usually found alongside ice cream in stores, we tend to view frozen vegetables and fruits as less healthy choices, and we stick to the idea that fresh produce is best.

But is it? Did you know that, in some cases, fresh produce may actually be less healthy? Freezing vegetables and fruit can be compared to science fiction movies when they freeze people. Everything is perfectly preserved and maintained until thawed, and the food is in the exact same condition as it was before being frozen. When food is frozen directly after being picked, it’s actually got more nutrition and freshness than some unfrozen foods.

Think about it – where did those fresh strawberries come from? When were they picked? How long was it before they were packaged? How long was it until the package was delivered to the store? How long did the package sit on the grocery shelf? So, by the time you get some of your “fresh” vegetables and fruit home for your smoothie drink mix, they could be weeks old!

This means that when you’re making your favourite drink mix recipes which you ordered online from www.blenderboyz.com, you don’t have to worry about using only fresh produce to change up your flavours. And now that summer is here, substitute ice cubes with frozen fruits to add a twist to your drink mix recipes, while keeping the chill factor at its maximum.