smoothies can help you get the most from spring

Spring is a time of reawakening. As soon as the first spring flowers emerge from their frozen slumber, so do we! As you put away the winter clothes, ski equipment, and other cold-weather things and embrace the coming of spring, consider adding one other fresh idea to your daily regime: smoothies! Here are a few ways in which smoothies can help you get the most from spring.

  1. Energy – A delicious smoothie can help give you the energy you need for hikes, bird watching, spring cleaning, and outdoor sporting activities.
  2. Convenience – Free up your time to enjoy your favourite springtime tasks with the quickly prepared and take-with-you convenience of a smoothie.
  3. Variety – With spring comes lots of nice, fresh, local produce, and you may be finding yourself enjoying spring greens quite regularly. So this doesn’t get boring too quickly, add variety by including a daily smoothie with your salad. You can also add some greens to your fruit smoothie to get them both in your diet at the same time.

The ideal way to incorporate smoothies into your daily regime is with the convenience of a smoothie mix. Here at Blender Boyz, we make it easy with great flavours, including strawberry banana, berry blend, and tropical paradise, to choose from. Make them up as they are, or add extras to them for a unique and clever way to enjoy spring greens. As you make goals this spring, think of our smoothies to help you get where you want to go. Our convenient, single-serve pouches mean no measuring and hardly any cleanup, freeing you up to enjoy all that spring has to offer!