Margarita MixesDo you feel that you’ve been experiencing an overdose of stress lately?  Maybe the beautiful summer days have given you the itch to travel, yet between work responsibilities, housekeeping, family responsibilities, and hosting summertime social gatherings, you haven’t found the time.  When the thought of a vacation won’t leave you alone, it is time for a radical intervention! If you feel that a quick trip to a tropical destination would be just the fix you need, but can’t actually purchase the ticket at this time, let Blender Boys margarita mixes give you a mini vacation.

Our margarita mixes let you experience a taste of the tropics from the convenience of home, at a cost that won’t break the bank.  Each single-serving margarita mix pouch is easy to make, so you can savour the taste of the tropics without wasting time. When you’re ready for your mini vacation, the process is simple:  grab your margarita mixes, some ice, tequila, your blender, and blend away!  Then sit back, put your feet up, turn off the phone (so no one can reach you) and relish the feel of being in the tropics, all while you sip your margarita in the comfort of your own backyard.

Hey, you might even enjoy it so much that you decide you need a vacation on a daily basis—just don’t tell your boss!  The chances of fulfilling this dream are high since our margarita mixes stay fresh for 9-12 months, without refrigeration, which means a daily mini vacation is totally doable!

Give yourself the holiday you’ve been dreaming of with our tasty margarita mixes.  Once you’ve tried them, you’ll be glad you did.