Frozen Smoothie MixesThe month of November is full of fun times, family gatherings, and cold nights.  Along with all of this added socialization time comes the need for new treats to serve.  After all, cookies, hot cocoa, and spiced apple cider can only be tolerated for so long before they lose their appeal. When you are looking for a quick, easy and unique treat to serve at your gatherings of family and friends, consider our frozen smoothie mixes.

Whether you’re craving something new or simply wishing for a treat that requires little prep time and very little clean-up, frozen smoothie mixes hold the answer to your dilemmas. Our Blender Boyz frozen smoothies are simple to concoct, requiring only our frozen smoothie mixes, some ice and your blender.  Of course, if you truly want to claim the smoothies as your own, feel free to add in any other ingredients that appeal to your taste buds.  You could add a variety of different fruits, perhaps some milk or cream and anything special to give it some zing.  When it comes to cleanup, all you have to do is fill your blender half full of warm water, add some dish soap and then blend it all together, rinsing once you’re finished. When it comes to enjoying yourself, having more time to visit and spending less time in the kitchen truly can’t be beat.

When you are ready to truly experience a unique twist to the holidays, try out our frozen smoothie mixes. We created them to provide us with the smoothie fix that we needed, so let us help you to satisfy your cravings for smoothies. Your taste buds, your tummy, and your guests will all thank you.