Iced coffeeThere are some people who can get by without ever drinking coffee. While we say more power to them for being functional in the mornings without a kick of caffeine, we want to know if they are still as functional by noon. If they are, it’s not something most of us understand very well!

But, there’s something coffee lovers do that’s just as strange . . .  why do we drink hot coffee in summer when the temperature is soaring? Many of us roll out of bed and head straight to the kitchen for our first morning pick-me-up – a cup of HOT coffee. After all, we’re already sweating because the weather is so stinking hot.

Why not iced coffee instead? That’s right – iced coffee. The guys at Blender Boyz have made it simple for you to enjoy delicious iced coffee in the mornings, or any other time of the day, with no fuss and no muss. You just need a blender, ice and a minute of your time. Like with all the drink mixes we make, you’ll get the perfect iced coffee every single time.

Honestly, when you wake up hot and bothered in the morning, iced coffee is literally heaven in a cup! So stop adding more heat to your home with the coffee maker and stop sweating while you eat breakfast. Just toss ice in the blender, add a pouch of iced coffee, and bingo! You’ll get exactly the same kick that you get from your usual shot of hot caffeine.

Try it, you will love it. Visit to find out more about the boys who developed a range of exciting beverages and cocktails in single-serve pouches – all made with concentrated real ingredients.