SmoothiesWith the warmer weather fast approaching, it’s time to really think about hydration.  Everyone knows we’re all supposed to drink vast amounts of water every day. Have you ever counted how much water you actually drink? And did you realize that if you’re a coffee or pop drinker, you probably need to UP your water intake to make up for the dehydrating effects of your other beverages?

That’s a lot of water!

And while an argument can definitely be made for water being the ultimate and only necessary refresher out there, we’d like to contend that our smoothies are a perfect way to hydrate!

Think about it! Our smoothies call for a pouch of real fruit and a whack load of ice. Which, surprise, is just frozen WATER!  So when you drink one of our smoothies, you’re drinking water. And as our mixes are made with concentrated, real ingredients, you’re not even adding dehydrating flavour additives that you get from other drink mixes!

So yes, drinking Blender Boyz smoothies actually counts towards your 8-10 glasses of water per day, AND you can count it, too, towards your fruits-and-veggies intake! Two birds, one stone, friends!

This summer, when you’re sweating out your liquid as fast as you’re drinking it, try adding the Blender Boyz smoothies to your regular routine. It’s an easy way to stay cool, and actually enjoy staying hydrated this summer.

Try our smoothies. You’ll love them, and love what they can do for your health. We know we do!