real fruit smoothiesThe New Year can be an exciting time. It’s a period of contemplation and the chance to start fresh on some of those stale goals you have been hiding in the back of your mind for ages. Even though most people start a list of resolutions they’d like to keep, unfortunately, most of these new goals have fallen by the wayside six weeks into the year. This year, our team at Blender Boyz wants to help you keep your goals on track with our real fruit smoothies.

It seems like fruit smoothies have gotten a bad rap because of added sugar and juice, but the truth is, you can easily pair them with a protein powder or vegetable of choice to make a great breakfast or post-workout recovery drink. When used properly, our real fruit smoothies can actually be a delicious benefit to your goals this year!

In addition to adding more fruits to your diet, our real fruit smoothies can help keep your healthy eating goals in check by providing portion control and quick nutrients. Many people think skipping breakfast will help them lose weight, but the reality is often the opposite. Adding a real fruit smoothie to your busy morning is a great way to train your body to start burning those calories first thing in the morning! Additionally, clean-up is a snap, allowing you to get a jump on all those organization goals, as well!

Check out our real fruit smoothies and other posts on our blog for tasty ways to add them to your healthy New Year!