iced cappucino Here in Canada, we do our Black Friday shopping a little differently than our neighbours to the South of us. While they have been noshing on turkey and pumpkin pie, making them tired and lethargic for shopping, we have been eating normally and can carry forth our shopping without the sleepy lull of a food coma hanging over our heads! We know we have customers in both the U.S. and Canada, and whether your bellies are full of turkey or not this Black Friday, your shopping could always use a little pick-me-up– it is the holiday season, after all! This Black Friday, we suggest that you combine your shopping spree with a Blender Boyz iced cappuccino!

Blender Boyz iced cappuccinos are perfect for anyone looking to empty their wallets a little during Black Friday shopping. Our iced cappuccino mixes come in single-serve pouches, so preparation is a snap and cleanup is virtually non-existent. If you’re going shopping with friends or family, it’s easy to add more mixes to your blender, so you all can sip our delicious iced cappuccino whilst hunting for bargains!

In addition to our iced cappuccinos being easy to make, you’ll enjoy the fact that they are a cool addition to the warm hustle and bustle of shopping. It can be difficult in the winter to shop because while it may be cold outside, it certainly isn’t cold when you’re indoors and wearing your outdoor layers! Our iced cappuccinos can help you keep cool while you’re crammed in a traffic jam on aisle 3, in addition to giving you a delicious pick-me-up to sustain those much-needed energy levels!

This Black Friday, while you’re hunting for the best deals, make sure you fuel your shopping trip with a tasty iced cappuccino from Blender Boyz!