SmoothiesOne of our favourite things about smoothie drinking is the incredible variety available! Honestly, smoothies are a great way to get fed, hydrated, and clear out the fridge! With a little of this and a scoop full of that, you can have a delicious smoothie every day and never have the same drink twice.

Even with a pre-mixed Blender Boyz smoothie pack.

No, really!

If what you want is simplicity, we have it: grab your favourite Blender Boyz drink mix pouch, your blender, and some ice, and you have the perfect recipe for a delicious smoothie, every time.

If your taste buds are more adventurous and need more variety than our already fantastic flavours can provide, start with our mix pouch, and DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! Add a banana, use yogurt instead of ice, use orange juice . . . Heck, throw in an orange! Maybe a splash of lemon juice or, goodness, what else do you have in the fridge? Mix pouch flavours! Ooohhhh . . . what about blending in some ice cream? Drool . . .

Just because we can be as simple as pouch + ice = drink, doesn’t mean you have to be limited. Change it up!

And hey, while you’re experimenting, show us what you come up with! We love to see your creations!

Have fun, and happy smoothie blending.