iced cappuccinoEvery once in a blue moon, the universe conspires with the perfectly aligned stars, gets mother nature, the astrological powers and a number of different Gods on board, and creates something. To some, a fine mess, but to others, these creations are awfully perfect. Take, for example, the iced cappuccino. The cappuccino itself was nigh on perfect, with its frothy goodness and creamy espresso flavour. However, over time, someone suddenly came up with an idea and took a calculated risk. What if this drink could be just as good in the summer as in the winter? What about making this frothy goodness cold? Dun, dun, DUN!!!! Perfection was achieved.

Sure, some of us were clearly confused.  Really, just the term “iced cappuccino” is an oxymoron. But even the cheerfully cynical took a chance, gulped a swig, and became doubtful believers. The iced cappuccino is so convincing, don’t be surprised to see a small crowd gathered wherever these divine treats are sold. And don’t be surprised if you start to develop a little addiction and find yourself craving one pretty fierce– they are that ridiculously delicious!

Thankfully, these drinks are so common now that you can find them almost anywhere, even endorsed by some unknown celebrities.  Even if you don’t anticipate the emergency of needing an iced cappuccino stat, you’ll be able to find them hidden on every corner.  So if you are one of the few million who just really understands the oxymoron of iced cappuccinos, welcome to the exclusive club. Our motto is “We can resist anything except the temptation of iced cappuccino.”

*If you’re busy doing nothing, run through this article slowly and see how many oxymorons you can find. Some of them are obviously disguised. We count approximately 27.