Iced CappuccinoHave you noticed lately how POPULAR iced cappuccino and iced coffee have become? EVERYWHERE offers it, in all different flavours, caffeine levels, and hey, even vegan!

So it got us to wondering: is regular cappuccino a thing of the past?

No, hear us out! Think about it!

Take the Blender Boyz iced cappuccino drink mix. And some ice. Throw it in your blender first thing in the morning for a minute, and you have your daily anticipated caffeine shot ready to go.  No coffee beans, grounds, filters . . . no waiting for water to heat up, drip, drip, drip . . .  you’re done and on your way.

Doesn’t that sound FABULOUS?

Just rinse out your blender, and you’re ready to go again. No icky coffee stains in a pot. No worry about burning yourself on anything hot. We’re pretty sure it’s even costing less energy to run your blender for a whopping minute than to heat up and drip, drip, drip your coffee every morning.

Maybe we’re just biased, but we think we’re onto something, here!

As does, apparently, every coffee and cappuccino joint on the continent . . .

Join us in the cappuccino revolution and try our delicious iced cappuccino mix today. We know you’ll love it!