Iced Cappuccinos, A.K.A. Back to School Stress Relief

Back to school time can hit you hard.  If you’ve been accustomed to a more relaxed schedule throughout the summertime, the sudden shock of starting a rigid schedule can be enough to throw you into a whirl of chaos.  That’s ironic, isn’t it . . . chaos caused by order? Oh well. If you’re dealing with the stress of your kids going back to school, going back to school yourself as a student or as a teacher, we’ve got the perfect solution for removing some of the stress, allowing you to feel a sense of relaxation regardless of the amount of chaos you feel.  What solution is that?  Our iced cappuccino mixes.

Iced cappuccino is delightful for helping you relax and ease some of the stress that would otherwise consume you at this time of change. Why?  Simply put, because iced cappuccino can help to lower the stress on your heart, decrease the risk of stroke, aid in preventing type-2 diabetes, and even help with digestion, cancer prevention and gallstones.  Of course we’re not suggesting that you should only consume iced cappuccinos, but consuming a moderate amount in addition to a healthy diet can really help you to relax.  Are you eager to try an iced cappuccino yet?  If so, rather than running to the coffee shop, which could cause you more stress, why not make it at home?  To make a simple iced cappuccino at home, here’s the perfect recipe to start with:


1 pouch Blender Boyz Iced Cappuccino Mix

3 oz. cream or milk

Blend with a cup of ice, garnish with whipped cream and chocolate swirl.

Simple, we know, but if you try this one and enjoy it, we’ve got variations involving bananas, amaretto and even a recipe that includes a bit o’ the Irish luck (wink, wink)

When you’re ready to combat the back-to-school blues, let us help you start your day off right with an iced cappuccino.  At Blender Boyz, we can offer you iced cappuccino mixes certain to make any day a great day, even when it’s back to school day!