Iced coffeeThere are some people in the world who get by without drinking any coffee. At all. And while we laud them for being, well, WEIRD, and obviously amazing for being functional in the mornings – are they functional before noon? We’ll assume they are – it’s not something we understand very well.

So, in the summertime, when the temperatures are high even when we first roll out of bed and trudge to the kitchen for that first morning pick-me-up . . . WHY are so many of us drinking HOT coffee?  When you wake up sweating already because it’s so stinking hot from the weather, it’s a shame that our go-to waker-upper is, well, just so . . . HOT.

With Blender Boyz, it doesn’t have to be!

That’s right. We’ve made it possible and EASY for you to enjoy your very own iced coffee beverages at HOME in the mornings, with no muss, no fuss! It takes just ice, a blender, and a minute, as with all our drink mixes, to make yourself the perfect iced coffee every single time.

Honestly, when the temperatures are high, and it’s still early in the morning, that iced coffee is heaven.  Just in a cup!

So stop sweating through your breakfast or adding heat to the house with your coffee maker.  Just toss some ice in your blender, add your Blender Boyz iced coffee pouch, and POOF, it’s iced coffee paradise delivering all the alertness of your expected shot of caffeine with none of the heat.

Are we wrong to expect a Nobel Prize for this genius?  Really?

Try it. You’ll love it.