Iced Coffee Mix Ah, St. Patty’s Day . . . it’s the day when we all dream of finding our little leprechauns who will lead us to the pot of gold, with many fun tricks along the way, of course.  If you’re more of an entrepreneur, perhaps you watch for rainbows and try to find the treasure at the end yourself, rather than waiting for your little leprechaun friend.  Although your chances of finding a pot of gold that will cover all of your expenses for as long as you live are slim, when you try our iced coffee mix, you may feel that you’ve truly discovered a pot (or glass) of gold!

Not only is our iced coffee mix full of flavour, but each pouch contains a single serving size, which means that when it comes to prep time, you’ve struck it rich.  The process is so simple that once you’ve snatched your iced coffee mix, put it in the blender, poured it into your glass and enjoyed the taste, there’s very little to clean up.  Double bonus—you’ve just saved time and energy!  As far as quality goes, you won’t find anything better, even if you go to a fancy café.  Not only does enjoying tasty iced coffee at home save you time and energy, but just imagine how much money you save.  That means that the only thing missing is the company you would find at the café . . . but all you have to do is invite some friends over, and suddenly you can experience all of the benefits of iced coffee at home!

When you purchase Blender Boyz iced coffee mix, you may feel that you’ve discovered your own pot of gold because of the money that you save and the fun times you have.  Perhaps with the “Luck o’ the Irish”, you truly can find your pot, or glass, of gold!