Iced Coffee After a long, hard winter, you are probably looking for ways to get out and about more, to get that pick-me-up from the wintertime blues.  However, getting out and about also usually entails spending your hard-earned money on food that gives you that satisfied feeling.  When your wallet is screaming, “No!” but your stomach is shouting, “MUST HAVE NOW!” what are you to do?  The answer, of course, lies in finding a compromise that will satisfy both your cravings and your budget.

If your best pick-me up is a cup of iced coffee, we have some great news for you.  Now you can get your pick-me-up whenever you want it, without worrying too much about your budget.  “How?” you may wonder.  “With our iced coffee mixes,” we emphatically reply!

It’s simple, really.  Imagine a stressful day at work. All you want to do is go and grab some iced coffee, but you don’t want to take the time to stop and stand in line at your local coffee shop . . . not only that, but you’ve done pretty well at meeting your financial goals since January, and this is no time to blow the budget on a daily cup of iced coffee.  However, if you’re smart about it, you can still enjoy that iced coffee and keep up your financial goals.

When you purchase Blender Boyz iced coffee mixes, you know you’ve got a delicious pick-me-up waiting at home.  Simply drive home and pull out your iced coffee mix, some ice, and your blender, and whip it up and enjoy.  Not only are you enjoying your favourite treat at a fraction of the cost, but you’ve also saved yourself the time you would have spent along with traffic headaches or wasted time that would have resulted if you had to wait in line for the iced coffee at your coffee shop.

At Blender Boyz, we are all about saving you time and money, while satisfying your “MUST HAVE” cravings.  Let us help you satisfy both your cravings and your budget with our iced coffee mixes!