Frozen MargaritaDon’t you love going to a Halloween party with the whole haunted house theme going on? Where a bowl of peeled grapes becomes a selection of eyeballs, cooked spaghetti noodles are gooed up to become innards of some sort, and random hands grab at you as you wander through the soirée.

This year you can up the fun by serving frozen, well-blended Frankenstein to your guests!

That’s right! Our frozen margarita mix has the perfect greenish glow to make it the ideal beverage for Halloween. Not only will the dashing colour match your party decor and creepy theme, but the one-minute preparation will go a long way to making your party planning as easy as one, two, three – MUA-HA-HA!

That’s right. Your list of ingredients can be as simple as your blender, some ice, and our perfectly proportioned, pre-prepared frozen margarita pouches, and voila! A label change, and you’re serving up some of Doctor Frankenstein’s earlier castoff experiments! Add that dash of tequila to really give your guests a magic potion they’ll be drooling over.

Whether you bill our frozen margarita as ground up witches’ moles, gremlin goobers, or toxic sludge, your guests will be begging for more.  For a night to remember, be sure to include our delicious, infallibly simple frozen margaritas on your menu. You’ll be the talk of everyone who gets out alive!