Strawberry DaiquiriWe’ve written before about how sometimes frozen fruits and/or vegetables can actually be better for you nutritionally than the “fresh” you find in the store. Well, spring is here and summer’s just around the corner, and with the warmer weather comes in-season produce! Yay!

That means you CAN, with relative ease, get the best, most nutritionally-packed produce imaginable, because you can buy it directly from the farmers that grow it, or after it takes a quick trip around the corner from the farm to the grocery store!

With food being a thing for us, well, we get pretty jazzed. Especially about berries! Warm weather means that soon we’re going to see signs everywhere about strawberry patches and raspberry picking and other great berries that you can literally pick and eat right off the plants! AMAZING!

So, when you’re looking to mix up drinks this summer, and you go to grab our fantastic strawberry daiquiri mix, why not give it some extra awesome and mix in some fresh-picked strawberries? Or change up the flavour a little bit with a handful of wild blueberries? Or raspberries?  A strawberry daiquiri does not JUST have to be either strawberry or daiquiri! It can be a bit of both with some “smoothie” qualities added, too.  Really, it can be whatever you want – it’s not like there are RULES for these things when it comes to your own kitchen creations!

Get yourself some strawberry daiquiri pouches from us and have them on hand so you’re ready for berry season, and have some fun in the sun picking fresh fruit to change up your weekend cocktail. It’s fun and nutritious! How can you go wrong?