One of the best things about working with delicious drink mixes from Blender Boyz is that you get to have loads of fun while you discover exciting new smoothie recipes and blends!

Yes, we have certainly perfected our smoothie recipes before we package them up for you to enjoy, but taking a perfect product and giving it your own twist can often lead to extra awesomeness, like one of the Boyz’ favourite concoctions called The Green Goddess – here’s what she looks like:

Smoothie recipes

This tropical drink mix has been masterfully blended with ingredients that include celery, honeydew, kiwi and mint.

The really great thing about these smoothie recipes is that they’re not only delicious and easy to mix, but you can do just about anything with them! For example, instead of ice cubes, add some frozen berries to keep them cool. At the same time, you’re adding a unique flavour and texture. Or use yogurt to make a really thick smoothie, while packing a punch of protein and calcium that your body needs.

Seriously, when it comes to smoothie recipes with Blender Boyz, the sky really is the limit. Mix them up, add ice, and drink! Don’t be scared to change things up – if you come up with something really exciting, please share it with us! We love seeing new ideas, and yours might even get published on our website. Happy blending!