Are you wild about smoothies? If so, you’ll be glad to know they play an important part on your journey to good health. And now that the weather has warmed up, they’ll once again be coming to your rescue in the heat. In this article, we’ll give a few reasons why smoothies are good for you.

  • SmoothiesSmoothies contain vitamins, fats and oils that are essential for overall health: Yes, the word ‘fats’ is used because your body requires certain fats to absorb vitamins and perform necessary bodily functions. In addition, fat converts into energy that you need, especially if you’re going to exercise.
  • Smoothies keep you hydrated: Your common sense tells you that the liquids used in smoothies contain a lot of water, which helps prevent dehydration in summer.
  • A perfect breakfast alternative: With the right ingredients, smoothies can provide you with all the nutritional value you need to start your day. Some variations also contain proteins to give you extra “oomph” to get through the day. Making a healthy smoothie with Blender Boyz mixes only takes a minute of your time, which is great if you’re running late for work or school.
  • Smoothies can help you lose weight: You can drink them whenever you crave junk food or in between meals. Feeling full with these healthy concoctions is a whole lot better than putting soda, burgers and fries into your body. Plus, as already mentioned, they increase your energy levels, so you can lose those excess pounds with exercise.