Piña ColadaDo you have that nagging feeling, you know the one that signals there’s something on the radar that you need to prepare for, but can’t quite remember what it is?  We can give you a hint:  Remember Cousin Joe’s Canada Day party last year? Well, Canada Day is just around the corner, and you’re this year’s party host.  Your brain goes into overdrive as you think about the ways to outdo last year’s celebration.  After all, you want to try something that will dazzle your family and friends without adding extra stress to your preparations.

If you want to add some excitement to your Canada Day celebration this year, may we suggest trying our piña colada mixes?  Blender Boyz piña coladas are delicious and so easy to prepare that your guests won’t believe it took you only a few minutes to serve them such a flavour-packed treat.  The process is simple—first, grab a piña colada mix pouch, rum, some ice, and your blender. Next, combine the ingredients, push the blender button, pour into fancy glasses, and voila—you have a tasty treat to serve to your guests.  Our Blender Boyz piña coladas are so delicious that it may be hard to stop at just one! That’s okay, though– simply blend up another pouch, and presto, you have another piña colada, almost like magic!

When you want to make your Canada Day celebration one that will leave next year’s host wondering how to top it, try blending up some piña coladas.  Not only will you have the energy to party, thanks to the easy prep and clean-up, but your guests will thank you for such delightful refreshment!