Margarita MixTraditionally, margaritas pair well with Mexican or Latin food. The spicy dishes and cooling, frosty margaritas make a great team, like salt and pepper, sugar and spice, and who can forget, cookies and milk? But like the food classic pair that they are, sometimes they get a little tired of each other. They want to find new ways to do things in order to re-ignite their relationship. In our case, we think they need to branch out. After all, they’re mostly celebrated around Cinco de Mayo! Here at Blender Boys, we say they need to get out more!

With our Margarita mixes, we make margaritas so accessible that you can get the dynamic duo of food and tasty, tasty drink out most anytime. All you need is access to a blender, and you’re only minutes away from a delicious, chilly drink to cool down those 7 jalapeños you ate on a dare. With our convenient, single serve packets, not only is preparation and clean-up a breeze, but you’re able to control portions, as well. This makes them great for large parties (usually where the jalapeño dares come into play) or smaller gatherings.

With your help, you can get Margarita mix out of its relationship rut with Mexican food and hopefully into a new chapter. Help this foodie pair re-kindle their spark by getting them out on the town more often. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Arbor Day, Pay Day . . . we suggest that all of these can become excellent reasons to celebrate with our margarita mix. Break the Cinco de Mayo mold and try one of our margarita mixes with your favourite dish tonight!