Margarita MixesMarch is arguably the longest month of the year. Seriously, 31 days of what seems like the never-ending monotony of winter. Let us be the first to tell you that margarita mixes make March more manageable! “But there are 6 other months that also have 31 days,” you say. Sure, but here’s why they are more bearable.

January– Beginning of the year, you are probably enjoying the snow at this point, you may be still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions and feeling good about yourself and the year ahead. January 31st feels new.

May– School is out, summer is not quite upon you, and the weather is that perfect temperature of warm but not sweltering. May 31st feels fresh.

July– The extra day in July usually gets you one more weekend, which means one more day at the lake, one more weekend camping adventure, one more chance for that perfect tan. July 31st feels fun.

August– Ok, August can start to feel long as the heat is still getting up near triple digits, but school is back in, kids are out of your hair, employees are done vacationing, and the first signs of fall are visible. August 31st feels like a return to normalcy.

October– Halloween is the last day of October. Nobody minds that extra day in October when it means parties, candy and costumes. October 31st feels like a treat.

December– New Year’s is one of the biggest party holidays of the year. The Christmas break just keeps going, and this day gives you a chance to sit and reflect on new goals for the upcoming year. December 31st feels like a welcome change.

March– March 31st feels awful. You’ve probably been passing around some sickness that you just can’t beat (margarita mixes with some lemon or lime juice give you that punch of Vitamin C you need to finally kick that cold!) You are tired of shoveling snow four times a day and having to warm your car up for 15 minutes before going anywhere (ever thought of whipping up a quick drink with margarita mixes while you wait?) You are tired of leaving for work while it’s still dark outside and coming home when the sun has already gone down, missing daylight entirely (margarita mixes are a quick and easy way to end that work day!) Face it, March is the worst.

But it doesn’t have to be! At Blender Boyz, we beat all our March melancholy with margarita mixes. Fingers and toes are frozen? Get out the blender. Furnace costing you a fortune to heat your house? Dump in the ice. Kids going stir crazy trapped inside? Let them help open the packets (make this one a virgin). And blend, baby, blend! Our margarita mixes make March more manageable. Put our theory to the test. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree.