strawberry daiquiri Every February, the same sort of anxiety seems to settle over North America . . . Valentine’s Day is coming! Do you know what you’re getting your loved one? Will it show them how much you care or take a wrong turn and insult them? Do they want something totally unique for a gift, or would they rather stick to the tried-and-true romantic dinner with red roses? Forget global warming– these are the kinds of anxiety-inducing questions that can keep us up at night! Here at Blender Boyz, we have come up with a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that you’re going to love: strawberry daiquiris.

While it might seem silly that a cocktail could save your Valentine’s Day plans, don’t discount the theory just yet! No, sir-ee, strawberry daiquiris are such a great complement to Valentine’s Day that you’re going to wonder why you haven’t always been drinking them on February 14. Let’s say that you have a romantic evening planned, but your sweetie doesn’t want the cliché date. Instead of giving her chocolate-covered strawberries, hand her a Blender Boyz strawberry daiquiri (she doesn’t have to know how easy it was for you to whip up!) and then take her for a night on the town!

What if you want to celebrate the friendship you have with your girlfriends and let the couples have Valentine’s Day? Strawberry daiquiris are a delicious and fun way to celebrate being young and single. You can even celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids by serving them up a virgin daiquiri with whipped cream and a candy heart garnish! The possibilities are endless with strawberry daiquiris.

With Blender Boyz strawberry daiquiri mix, you can make as many or as few as you’d like, and since they come in single-serve pouches, you don’t need to worry about waste, prep, or cleanup! Start a new tradition this Valentine’s Day by stocking up on Blender Boyz strawberry daiquiri mix.