National Smoothie Day: A Day to Celebrate the Goodness of Smoothies!

These days, there are so many days worthy of celebrating—you could almost say that every day is a like a holiday!  For example, a quick internet search for “complete list of national days” reveals some of the following:  Festival of Sleep Day, Old Rock Day, Blame Someone Else Day, and National Plum Pudding Day.  Of course, this list is far from comprehensive . . . as you will discover if you conduct your own search of the same term.  While we don’t doubt that there are numerous people who celebrate each of these designated national days, we feel that there is one national day that stands above the rest when it comes to truly being worthy of a celebration.  That day is . . . drumroll please  . . . National Smoothie Day on June 21!

Smoothies have so many appealing characteristics, so why wouldn’t you want to celebrate National Smoothie Day?  Some of the appeal of smoothies comes because they are quick to prepare, can be a simple substitute for a complete meal, don’t require any complex cooking tools, you can easily control the portion size, and they are a hunger satisfying dish that will keep you happy, especially on the hottest days of summer.

So with this in mind, at Blender Boyz, we say, here’s to the celebration of National Smoothie Day!  If you’re ready to join in the celebration, check out our smoothie mixes. If you’re a bit of a rebel and want to throw your own twist on National Smoothie Day, we also have iced cappuccino mixes, strawberry daiquiri mixes and more.  When you want to join the celebration without having to worry about all the work it would take to prepare everything yourself, let our smoothie mixes take care of the hard part of the prep work for you.  What are you waiting for?  National Smoothie Day is around the corner.  Let’s get this celebration started!