Valentine SmoothiesThere is so much hype around Valentine’s Day. It is really getting out of hand these days. Honestly, though, what’s so special about diamonds, anyway? Sure, they are shiny and expensive and fun to wear, and women have been oohing and aahing over them for centuries, but other than that, not much to carry on about. Plus, how one-sided of a gift are diamonds? Men are expected to give them to women, but women NEVER buy them for men. And let’s just talk about flowers for one minute. Sure, pretty to look at– for a couple of days! Doesn’t sound like a very strong portrayal of your undying love, to give something that starts to wilt the second you give it! Oh and sure, chocolates are an easy gift, but everybody is eating quinoa and kale these days, so save your money.

There is one true way to show your significant other that you love them, that you value your relationship and are excited about what the future holds together, something that will make their eyes sparkle more than diamonds or roses ever could, and it’s found in a blender. Yep, the answer this Valentine’s Day is real fruit smoothies made from Blender Boyz pouches.

Sound too good to be true? Then you’ve never tried our real fruit smoothies! These things are to die for. And so simple to make! No more hours spent preparing the perfect meal, or paychecks spent paying for the perfect bracelet. In just minutes, you can blend a delicious real fruit smoothie for your guy or gal, and they are guaranteed to love it. Just add whatever fruit your loved one desires, one of our pouches, a few ice cubes, and you are well on your way to eternal love. At Blender Boyz, our real fruit smoothies guarantee it!