Cocktail MixesHappy Canada Day! There isn’t a Canuck around who doesn’t swell with pride when they see the red and white colours of the nation, the maple leaf proudly flowing in the breeze, and hear “Oh, Canada!” blazing loud and proud. There are a lot of famous things that come from Canada, and we’d like to pay tribute to some of those here:

  • Crispy Crunch– These little chocolate bars are unique to Canada alone with their delicious peanut goodness and wafer middle.
  • Swedish Fish– Actually, not made in Sweden at all, these gummies are made in Ontario. One fish, two fish, we love Swedish gummy fish!
  • Tim Horton’s– If you have never had a cup of Joe and donut from this place, you won’t believe us. If you have, you totally get it.
  • Justin Bieber– He’s teaching young kids how to wear their hats the cool way, ya know? That’s admirable. He’s also a “singer”, isn’t he?
  • Ryan Gosling– No explanation needed here.
  • Cocktail Mixes– There is this quaint little company out of Ontario, Blender Boyz, that makes these amazing cocktail mixes. A simple pouch thrown in a blender with ice makes any day a good day.

And these are just a few of the great things to hail from Canada; the list could go on for days. So on Canada Day, may we suggest you grab a Crispy Crunch and a bag of Swedish fish, swing by Tim Horton’s for a donut, rent Crazy, Stupid, Love, put your hat on sideways, and use a few Blender Boyz cocktail mixes to mix up some drinks. Sit down and enjoy a toast to Canada, our home and native land! (Also known as our cocktail mixes land.)